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The Every Muslim for Christ Initiative

Working with National Churches to Finish the Great Commission among Muslims. 

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Islam has grown to 1.98 billion followers with estimates of 2.5 billion by 2050.


40% of all non-Christians globally are Muslims.


86% of Muslims (1.7 Billion) say they don't know a single Christian.


38,000 Muslims die everyday without the Gospel.


Muslims are converting Christians to Islam by attacking the central doctrines of the Christian faith.


Saudi Arabia has spent $90 billion building mosques & schools, and distributing free Qur'ans around the world.


Pastors are sending missionaries to unreached people groups but aren't focusing on reaching Muslims in their own countries.


Every Christian needs to reach two Muslims with the Gospel to finish the Great Commission.

The Strategic Plan

We Partner with the Largest Denominations in Each Country

Together with the denominational leaders we launch a national prayer, training, evangelism, and discipleship initiative among Muslims.


Video Training in National Languages

We offer 30 video courses equipping churches to reach Muslims for Jesus Christ.


العربية (Arabic)

اردو (Urdu)





తెలుగు (Telugu)

தமிழ் (Tamil)

Bahasa Indonesian



Twi  (Ghanan)

한국어 (Korean)

普通话 (Mandarin)

Logistics and leadership Support

We setup a customized logistical support system to help the national leaders organize, drive, and scale the initiative.       

initiative structure copy.001_clipped_rev_1 (1).png

Leadership Development 

Mission Muslim World University

We provide up to 1000 scholarships per country into Mission Muslim World University.  MMWU offers an online MA degree with the most comprehensive curriculum globally in Christian Missions to Muslims and  Islamic Studies.  


Launching the Initiative



We help to create a plan to train every church by setting up national, regional, and local church launch conferences.


Conferences equip pastors to mobilize their churches to reach 'every' Muslim in their region.

Driving Technology

WISE Global Phone App-min.png

Every Christian, in every church, can join the initiative and track their individual and group progress using the WISE Global App.

Evaluation of Outcomes and Coaching


We setup website dashboards for each denomination and organization to track the missions progress from the field. We provide coaching to overcome obstacles.


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"I don't know another ministry that has the ability to mass mobilize denominations and church networks to reach Muslims like i2 Ministries.  I believe that the Every Muslim for Christ Initiative along with the WISE Global Ministry Management System is a vital tool that could change the landscape of global missions"

Dr. Josh McDowell 

President of Josh Mcdowell Ministries

Sign Up To Join the Every Muslim for Christ Initiative In Your Country

The ministry agreement to launch the initiative is as follows. You agree to:

  1. Mobilize 1000 national leaders to study in the program to become certified trainers.  Leaders need a laptop and/or a smartphone and internet access.

  2. To get authorization for the certified trainers to run national, regional, and local church launch conferences. 

  3. Mobilize the local churches to evangelize 'every' Muslim for Jesus Christ.

  4. Adopt the WISE Global ministry management system to track the progress. 

    If you agree to these terms please fill out the form below. 

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